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Sourcing Industry Group (SIG) is the premier global association for sourcing, procurement, and risk professionals. Founded in 1991, SIG provides thought leadership, networking, and training opportunities to executives in sourcing, procurement, and outsourcing from Fortune 500 and Global 1000 companies.

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Mastering Supplier Risk Management: How to Build More Reliable Suppliers

In the intricate business world, managing supplier risk is critical to ensuring smooth operations and protecting the bottom line. A robust Supplier Risk Management (SRM) program can help businesses mitigate potential risks and build stronger, more reliable relationships with suppliers. This article will delve into the three main components of an effective SRM program: Supplier Segmentation, Supplier Qualification, and Ongoing Compliance Monitoring.


How AI & Digital Are Transforming Language Services

Sorenson, a leading language services provider, offers a variety of technology solutions and tools for people with diverse communication needs. These include call captioning, sign language and video services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people, as well as language translation and interpreting services. 

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Innovations in Digitization: GEP

On October 19th, the Future of Sourcing Awards will celebrate organizations and individuals that have shown innovation, leadership and transformation in categories that are critical to the sourcing industry. Interviews with the finalists provide helpful insight about their projects, the problem they sought to solve and the impact to their organizations.



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Amanda Prochaska

Amanda Prochaska

Founder & Chief Wonder Officer

Amanda has built a career over the last 15 years focused on implementing innovative solutions to procurement organizations and has a passion for coaching organizations through large-scale transformations.
Sarah Scudder

Sarah Scudder

Marketing Maven

Sarah Scudder is a fractional CMO for procurement technology companies. Sarah hosts the Dual Source Discourse podcast and Voice of Supply Chain show that features people in supply chain doing extraordinary things.
Susan Walsh

Susan Walsh

Founder - The Classification Guru

Susan Walsh is The Classification Guru. She has been cleaning, classifying and fixing dirty data for over a decade and set up The Classification Guru Ltd in 2017 to solve dirty data problems in the procurement world, helping over 80 clients across the globe in this time.
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