Publicity Rules and Guidelines

FOS Awards Publicity Rules and Guidelines

SIG and Future of Sourcing will be publicizing this event widely in advance through social media, email communications, website notifications, press releases, online blogs, etc. 

  • We reserve the right to use the company names of nominees in our communications. 
  • Finalists and winners agree that their company names and logos may be used in our communications. 

While the first submittal for the awards is brief, if it is determined that you are eligible to move on to short list consideration, a further request for information will be sent to you and must be completed in the timeframe communicated to you at that time.  

  • Shortlist nominees will be asked to respond in writing to questions that allow them to share the specifics of their nomination. Other questions will also be asked that will highlight their organization and expertise. 
  • The response, which will be accessible to the judging panel and external audiences, is required for all shortlist nominees. 

A podcast will be conducted and recorded for all winners in each category. 

  • Winners will be asked questions that allow them to share the specifics of their nomination. Other questions will also be asked that will highlight their organization, expertise, and the experience of being an award winner. 
  • The podcast, which will be shared publicly, is required for all winners. 
  • Podcasts will be distributed through The Sourcing Industry Landscape podcast via iTunes, and 
  • We reserve the right to use extracts from interviews at the event and/or in additional marketing. 

Press releases will be shared with finalists in advance to allow for revisions on any items that are factually incorrect. Finalists will have one week to approve or submit changes. If responses are not received in that time, we will assume explicit approval. Changes received after that time cannot be accommodated. 

We recommend that you obtain prior approval from your communications/PR/marketing and/or legal departments before submitting the nomination form to mitigate any risk with this process in advance. An independent panel of judges will review the nominations. All judges sign a non-disclosure agreement to maintain confidentiality and uphold privacy. 

By signing and submitting the nomination form, you are confirming that you understand and agree to these publicity rules. 

Although there is no fee to enter a nomination, any nominee that is a shortlisted finalist is required to attend the fall Global Executive Summit in order to be eligible to win. No awards will be shipped, nor announced for non-attendees.